Plant-Wide Ticketing And Chatting

Manufacturers Lose $35,000 Every Minute A Machine Is Down. We Connect Teams, Saving Them Time And Money.

As a plant-wide ticketing and chatting app, Tackboard immediately alerts and escalates downtime issues so they can be resolved faster

When issues come up, tickets notify engineers and supervisors

With Tackboard, team members can create one-time or reoccurring tickets. For high priority tickets, escalation clauses can be built in that bring supervisors into the conversation if tickets haven't been addressed quick enough.

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Goodbye unanswered requests

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Hello workflow assigning

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Hello task tracking

Radio calls don't track data. Messages do.

With chatting built in, Tackboard seamlessly connects team members. With native 1:1 chats, group chats, and channel chats, messages no longer fall on deaf ears.

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Goodbye unanswered radio calls

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Hello department-wide comms

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Hello connected teams

Use The App Designed For Manufacturers

Tackboard was founded by manufacturers and designed for manufacturers. You can cancel all of your other monthly software subscriptions.

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How Tackboard Creates More Efficient Teams


Less Downtime

Using a plant-wide ticketing system, Tackboard gives your team the insights to fix problems quickly


Instant Collaboration

With a company-wide messaging system, Tackboard brings teams together.


More Productivity

Using priority statuses, Tackboard allows teams to more effectively focus their efforts


Data Insights

Using time tracking tickets, teams can better understand their process blindspots


Organized Plans

With tasks available as lists or kanban boards, tracking to-dos has never been easier


Trackable Growth

The longer teams use Tackboard, the clearer company trends become with team structured dashboards


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

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"Our team has been using various project management tools for years, but Funchal has truly revolutionized our workflow. The intuitive interface, seamless collaboration features, and robust task management capabilities have elevated our productivity to new heights."
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Michael Brown


"I've tried numerous project management tools in the past, but none have come close to the efficiency and simplicity of Funchal. The clean and intuitive design, combined with powerful features like Gantt charts and resource allocation, have made a significant impact on our project success. I highly recommend it!"
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Lisa Rodriguez



Frequently Asked Questions

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What size companies is Tackboard made for?
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Tackboard was designed to work for any size company! From teams of 2 to teams of 200, an inter-connected chatting and ticketing system can benefit teams of any size.

How does Tackboard onboarding work?
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To ensure Tackboad is properly configured for your business, we'll handhold you through implementation. With training calls and learning videos, we'll work with your team to ensure your Tackboard instance is perfectly tailored to the unique needs of your company.

How much does Tackboard cost?
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Pricing and pricing models vary by company. Tackboard offers flexible payment plans from monthly per-seat pricing to one-time, annual payments. For more information, please email

When will Tackboard officially be launched?
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Our team of developers is busy creating the best possible product. Currently, we're targeting a summer 2024 public launch. For more information, please sign up for our newsletter below.

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